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About the OnBlog

OnBlog is the official corporate blog of Onboard Informatics.  This is the space where the people of Onboard carry on conversations on the art and science of information.

Our goal is to increase the understanding of the information sciences — data, geography, GIS, mapping — within the real estate industry.  We believe that significant advances in the real estate web require intelligent usage of data, information, and geographic resources.  We also think we know a thing or two about those topics, and that these topics don’t receive the attention that they deserve.

We’ll also discuss some of our products and services on the blog, because our clients and future clients are part of the audience for OnBlog.

We welcome comments from the community — obvious prohibitions against spam, adult sites, and so on apply.  We also want to preserve a community of conversation, so may moderate comments if they get out of hand.

Welcome to the OnBlog.  It’s time to get it On.

-Onboard Informatics


Written by OnBlog Admin

July 18, 2008 at 2:16 pm

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