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It is my great honor to introduce and welcome you to OnBlog, the new Onboard Informatics corporate blog. This is part of a major evolution of our company, our brand, and the fact that we’re no longer a little startup trying to survive. We’ve been training for a while now so without further delay, I would like to introduce in the left corner, Onboard Informatics.

We are so much more than a data company, we always have been, but now that we have drank a lot of milk, we have the strong desire as well as the confidence to make that known. Who cares? Well…we all should. I won’t get into an apples to apples comparison of how our data is light years ahead, it’s more the perception that concerned us. Someone would walk up to me at every show and say, “Hey Siden, you still peddling that community data?” That made me realize that our image didn’t reflect the amount of experience or the quality of standards we hold our data and support to. I wanted to yell back, “We are so much more, we have school data too!!!”

Data is and has been just one of the ingredients in the overwhelming value that we have brought our clients for the past 7 years ( that’s 6.6 years exaggerated a bit). The brain power we have at this company is incredible. The passion we have is unmatched, and the infrastructure that we have built and are building will set new standards for how data is used viewed and valued. So there!!!

The growth and success Onboard has experienced wouldn’t have been possible without the help and support of the Onboard family. I would like to thank Rob Hahn, Stacey Ret, Megan Murphy and all of Onboard for the months of hard work in putting our new brand and website together. (I think I should thank the academy in here somewhere). A very special thanks as well to our clients who participated in the major band review that we recently completed. The questions they answered and the suggestions they made were the catalyst for so many of the moves we’ve made.

I mean grab a bottle of tequila because the truth hurts, but if you care enough to look in the mirror, there are major, yes I said major, realizations that you can come to. I honestly feel we will look back on this as a major crossroad in terms of our long term growth and expansion into other markets. This is truly a defining moment in the life and growth of Onboard Informatics.

Oh, so yes this is a blog post, and I was told to use my voice, speak openly and candidly about my views about the industry, and to write like Marc Davison. I can do it all except write like Mr. D.

So without further delay, I open this blog to all of us to contribute to. We’ll be writing about our expertise in data and information services, technology, geospatial aggregation, the real estate industry, our clients, our competitors ( take the high road folks) and any other topic that will allow our voices to be heard.

Marc Siden, CEO
Onboard Informatics


Written by Marc Siden

July 18, 2008 at 8:25 pm

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